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2 ways to win!

Weekly Draw Winner and Catch the Ace for the Progressive Jackpot

1 Select your card for the Progressive Jackpot.
2 Buy tickets for the weekly draw.
3 If you are the weekly draw winner, your card is revealed. If you have the Ace of Spades you win the Progressive Jackpot too!

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Choose your card for the progressive jackpot

Purchase your tickets to the weekly draw

The winner of the weekly draw will also have their card revealed

If the weekly winner has chosen the Ace of Spades, they win the Progressive Jackpot!

If they did not select the Ace of Spades, the progressive jackpot continues for at least another week

Check back each week to see how the Progressive Jackpot has grown and enter again!

The Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation supports programs and services integral to the advancement of health care and the total well-being of the citizens of Pembroke and the surrounding communities by the raising, managing, and distributing of funds to the Pembroke Regional Hospital. The Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation strives to ensure that those who support the Hospital through donations receive recognition that is appropriate, equitable and consistent. Developing and maintaining the trust of community is vital to our mission. The Foundation exists as a vehicle through which the community participates to help the Hospital to provide state-of-the art health care to the patients it serves.

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Check Past Results

Week 14 Winner: Alyssa Deschamps

Winning Number: N-6992206

Card Drawn #15 – 5 of Spades

Weekly Prize: $1,994

Week 13 Winner: Scott Collins

Winning Number: M-2468828

Card Drawn #13 – 8 of Clubs

Weekly Prize: $1,721

Week 12 Winner: Samantha Lefebvre

Winning Number: L-7061845

Card Drawn #16 – King of Hearts

Weekly Prize: $1,863

Week 11 Winner: Carolyn Bennett

Winning Number: K-5528175

Card Drawn #30 – Jack of Spades

Weekly Prize: $1,386

Week 10 Winner: Marian Bark

Winning Number: J-5376873

Card Drawn #12 – Ace of Hearts

Weekly Prize: $1,221

Week 9 Winner: Theresa Lance

Winning Number: I-6155201

Card Drawn #8 – 8 of Hearts

Weekly Prize: $1,052

Week 8 Winner: Dave Leahy

Winning Number: H-6963014

Card Drawn #27 – 7 of Diamonds

Weekly Prize: $1,002

Week 7 Winner: Daryl Duffy

Winning Number: G-7168726

Card Drawn #19 – Ace of Clubs

Weekly Prize: $1,177

Week 6 Winner: Pierre Brisbois

Winning Number: F-7212520

Card Drawn #42 – 7 of Hearts

Weekly Prize: $989

Week 5 Winner: Edward Young

Winning Number: E-7357015

Card Drawn #44 – 3 of Spades

Weekly Prize: $1,008

Week 4 Winner: Katelyn Bresseau

Winning Number: D-3144680

Card Drawn #5 – 10 of Spades

Weekly Prize: $1,064

Week 3 Winner: Edward Hyde

Winning Number: C-4774439

Card Drawn #1 – 9 of Spades

Weekly Prize: $1,007

Week 2 Winner: Lindsay McGuire

Winning Number: B-1302726

Card Drawn #14 – 6 of Clubs

Weekly Prize: $994

Week 1 Winner: Jennifer Meere

Winning Number: A-6122884

Card Drawn #26 – Ace of Diamonds

Weekly Prize: $1,059